K - 12 School & Public Library

The Beyond Crisis K-12 School and Public Library Educational Screening Kit includes everything you need to share the film with your classroom or community and lead a discussion.

Product Description

What it is: The Beyond Crisis Screening Kit for K-12 schools and public libraries includes the necessary rights you need to use the film in the classroom, host a screening at your institution, and add the film to your library’s collection. Note that K - 12 refers to Kindergarten to Grade 12 - for schools that use a different grading system, this license applies if your school is for younger students pre-College or University.

Term: 2 years from date of purchase (*for longer-term licenses, reach out)

Size of Organization: Note that this license is limited to a single public library or school. For licensing to school boards or multiple institutions, please reach out at: team@beyondcrisisfilm.ca

What you get: This license comes with academic and public performance rights for a single school, campus or location. Your purchase also comes with a range of supporting materials to create an engaging experience and lead a discussion following the screening.

  • Video Content:

    • Beyond Crisis film (64 min, English, Closed Captioned)
    • Climate Matters interviews (x4): Over 40 minutes of additional film content through four in-depth conversations with our cast
    • Film Trailer (2 ½ min)
  • Written Content:
    • Discussion Tools (PDFs) – 2-part Conversations Kit and supplementary Engagement Methods, linking a screening to action
    • Planning Tools (PDF / Word) — Community Engagement Strategy (CES) Template, Planning Checklist, Planning the Event
    • Visual Materials (JPG / PNG / PDF) — Film Poster, Chapter Story Arcs, Action Signs, Lawn Signs, Film Stills, Advertising Materials
    • Film License PDF
    • And many more templates! (Word / PDF) – Letter-Writing for Climate Action, Sign-Up Sheets, Press Release

Who it’s for: 
This license is valid for teachers, administrators, and librarians at public libraries and K-12 schools. For more information, read the Licensing FAQs. For any questions, contact

This license does not allow you to loan, to rent, to sublicense, to digitize or to duplicate the film in any way.

Please note that our standard mode of delivery is via digital delivery via the online platform Mediazilla and physical USB, if requested. Supplemental materials available digitally.