Licensing FAQs

Beyond Crisis is currently available for purchase under one of four distinct licenses: K - 12 School & Public LibraryCommunity & Grassroots; College & University; Business & Conference. For specific information on each of these, see the separate pages for each. 

License FAQs

Beyond Crisis licensing is tiered in accordance with common standards for other grassroots documentaries, allowing us to cover our costs, invest in future projects and donate to worthy causes within the climate movement. For common questions on film licensing visit:

What rights are included in the license?

​Once purchased, the licensing organization (or "Licensee") is entitled to screen Beyond Crisis for an unlimited number of times over a period of 2 years from the date of purchase (for longer-term licenses, reach out).

These screenings can be held at any public or private venue, so long as they are being hosted by the Licensee (and not a third party). Within the 2 year period, Licensees retain the right to host these screening events either free of charge, with a ticket price, for fundraisers or otherwise with the intention of raising greater awareness for climate action - however, the Licensee cannot sell, copy, upload, distribute, make derivatives of or modify the licensed film, or otherwise violate the copyright therein in any way or make any claims of ownership over the same, which remain the sole property of the Licensor (Toronto PCM Ltd.) Following 2 years, a license can then be renewed for an additional term at the Licensor's discretion. These terms are all repeated in the License Terms, which is forwarded upon purchase of the film.

Given the ability to host ticketed screenings or fundraisers using the film, a single licensing fee can therefore be easily recouped by hosting a fundraiser or charging a modest ticket price for your event.

What else is included in the license?

A lot! Our team has put together a wide range of powerful resources to help support you in organizing your screening and engagement event, including the following:

Video Content:

  • Beyond Crisis film (64 minutes - includes English subtitles)

  • Climate Matters interviews (x4): Over 40 minutes of additional film content through four in-depth conversations with our cast

  • Film Trailer (2 ½ min)

Written Content:

  • Discussion Tools (PDFs) – 2-part Conversations Kit and supplementary Engagement Methods, linking a screening to action

  • Planning Tools (PDF / Word) — Community Engagement Strategy (CES) Template, Planning Checklist, Planning the Event

  • Visual Materials (JPG / PNG / PDF) — Film Poster, Chapter Story Arcs, Action Signs, Lawn Signs, Film Stills, Advertising Materials

  • Film License PDF

  • And many more templates! (Word / PDF) – Letter-Writing for Climate Action, Sign-Up Sheets, Press Release

Delivery Methods:

Note that the standard Film Package is sent via Digital Delivery to the email address provided, unless the USB option is selected. If you would like a physical USB that can easily be shared between different devices in addition to Digital Delivery, select the appropriate license type + USB on check-out.

Digital Delivery:

All licenses include Digital Delivery of Beyond Crisis film, which is provided through our online platform with Mediazilla ( Digital access to the film is provided right away following every license purchase to the email address provided. Please check your email for a message from Mediazilla – once received, all that is required is to set up a free account with that email to gain access to all Beyond Crisis film content listed above. This account is then what you will use to access the film going forwards on whatever device, whenever you’d like to view it.

If for whatever reason you can’t find this email or are having trouble accessing the film, email us at and we will ensure you have access as soon as possible. Be sure to check your Spam folder in case your email flagged the message and mistakenly sent it there.

A download link to all written documents will be sent to the email address you’ve provided as soon as the purchase is completed. These can then be downloaded, copied and shared at your convenience with others interested in climate action or involved in the screening.

USB Delivery:

The USB includes all video and written material mentioned above as digital files all saved and packaged on a single device. The device has been formatted as ex-FAT to be universally compatible across both Mac, PC and other systems.

As a physical product, there is an additional cost for producing the USB as well as for shipping it to your address. We are currently exploring options to carbon offset shipments, which is currently an optional add-on that you can make with Carbon Checkout during the checkout process. All USBs are produced by FlashBay with casing made from 100% FSC-certified European Maple Wood harvested from responsibly managed forests, and are a certified carbon neutral product. Please be sure to indicate the correct shipping address on checkout and the preferred time of delivery, and allow 2 – 3 business days of additional delivery time to have your product packaged and sent. If you would like your shipment prioritized, email:

Educational Package:

Note that we’ve designed an Educational Package for schools and educators that includes some additional documents to those described above. This includes In-Depth Questions for each chapter of the film that further explore every chapter in even greater detail, as well as a sample Lesson Plan incorporating elements of Beyond Crisis into a class discussion on global climate change, which can be further modified for your specific class / grade level. These documents will also be included in any purchased School or University Film Package.